QR bills

QR bills have been in use in Switzerland since 30 June 2020.

These bills, which are ISO 20022 compliant, streamline the entire payment process.


Main advantages of QR bills

  • They contain all payment details in a single QR code
  • All account numbers are in IBAN or QR-IBAN format
  • Payments can be made in CHF and EUR
  • They can be read with your smartphone or an optical reader
  • They are more secure and easier to use for companies issuing and paying bills

Order your BCV PayEye

Use the new PayEye optical reader for a quick and easy way to scan all your QR bills. 

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Generating QR bills with an IBAN

Want an easy way to generate bills? Our new QR-bill generator is now available in our online banking platform, BCV-net.

  • You can create bills with just your IBAN
  • You can create a list of payees
  • It’s simple, fast, and free

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