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Working capital loan

A working capital loan is a credit limit on your current account, which you can use at any time without further approval.


  • A working capital loan gives you easy access to funds, and there’s no withdrawal limit. The interest rate is variable, and it is calculated based on the amount you have drawn down, not the amount of the limit granted.
  • The terms of the credit limit will be tailored to your company’s financial situation. The interest rate will be lower if you provide a loan guarantee. We offer this facility in Swiss francs and other currencies.
  • You can combine your working capital loan with a fixed-term advance, which means that your credit limit is also available to you in the form of a fixed-term advance, which offers a more attractive, fixed interest rate.

Fees and conditions


Fees and conditions

Minimum amount

  • CHF 20,000 (with or without regular loan payments)


  • Unlimited

Interest rate

  • Variable
  • Set in accordance with the company’s financial situation and any loan guarantee provided


  • Quarterly commission of 0.25% on the highest debit balance over the period


  • Available in CHF and all other main currencies

Interest due

  • Quarterly

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