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LSV+ direct debit

With this service, which clients must authorize, bill amounts are debited directly from clients’ accounts at no extra charge.


  • LSV+ is a simple way of ensuring that your clients pay their bills on time; it lessens the administrative workload, reduces costs and makes it easier to manage unpaid bills
  • No bank fees or PostFinance fees are levied on this service


Swiss-wide service

LSV+ is a Swiss-wide service. Once your clients have authorized a direct debit, you are entitled to debit the amount due from their bank account. Clients have up to 30 days to contest a debit.

How it works

The client must sign a direct debit authorization. On the due date, you send a file to the interbank clearing center, which sends a list of transactions to be carried out to the banks concerned. The total amount of the bills indicated in the file is paid into your account on the scheduled date. Bills will only remain unpaid if the client does not have enough funds in the account or if the client contests the payment within 30 days.

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