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Business Plan

Your business plan is the foundation of your business strategy and a key communication tool. It ensures you have a comprehensive vision for your company that takes into account all commercial and financial aspects. And it is useful for other people – whose support may be crucial to your company’s future success.

Model business plan and checklist

We’ve created a model business plan to help you through the process, together with a check-list of all the things to include in each section.

The following documents are available for download (in French):

  • A model business plan for you to complete and change as needed (Word format)
  • A brochure with useful tips and information (PDF format)
  • A check-list so you don’t forget anything (PDF format)

Key points

Why have a business plan?

A business plan should help you answer some fundamental questions about your business idea, such as who, where, when and how. More concretely, this means: Who is starting the company? Where will the company be based? What is the time scale for setting up the company? How will you accomplish all this – using what resources? Your business plan will cover all aspects of your project and should include:

  • A description of the company, its managers and products
  • A market analysis of potential customers and competitors
  • The marketing plan
  • Infrastructure (production and management) and technology
  • Financial management
  • Financial and operating plans
  • A risk assessment

Some tips

Here are some basic guidelines to follow when drawing up your business plan:

  • Be clear: Get your reader’s attention by keeping it simple and precise, making sure the key points of your project stand out.
  • Be realistic: Clearly state both the strengths and potential risks of your strategy. And your strategy should give your company a competitive edge.
  • Remember how important first impressions are: Your plan is your calling card – make sure it is interesting and thorough.

Your business plan and you

With your business plan in hand, financiers and other outside partners will see that:

  • you know your business;
  • you know the strengths of your business idea while recognizing the risks, and you are realistic about your chances;
  • your financing plan is thorough and your profit outlook is feasible; and
  • you have the background and skills needed to manage the company.

You can always get help from an outside consultant. They will make sure you are asking the right questions – and they’ll help you find the answers.

Useful documents