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The bank of choice for the people and businesses of Vaud


How have we earned
customers’ trust?



We have been providing the people of Vaud Canton with banking services since 1845. We are Vaud's leading bank for retail and business customers alike. Our focused business model, consistently strong performance, and solid balance sheet make us one of the few banks in the world with a AA rating from Standard & Poor’s despite not being backed by a government guarantee. We are also committed to working for the sustainable development of society.


Our rating from S&P places us among the thirty top-rated banks in the world.

CHF 2.5 billion

The amount of taxes and dividends we have paid to Vaud canton and municipalities over the last ten years.

One of every two

Half of the people and business of Vaud bank with us.

Most recommended bank in Vaud Canton


For the sixth year in a row, BCV was the most recommended bank in the Canton, according to a 2023 survey on the Swiss banking industry.

We thank all the people of Vaud for their support.



Source: LINK Institut, 2023, survey of a representative sample of 1,706 Vaud residents who are customers of BCV on whether they would recommend BCV to a friend.

Making a real impact

The cornerstone of our mission is to spur the development of all sectors of Vaud's economy. We carry out a number of initiatives to help improve the quality of life in our Canton. These efforts are one of the main reasons why we are the most recommended bank in Vaud.

  • One of two people in Vaud banks with us
    Half of Vaud residents turn to us for their banking needs.
  • One of two businesses counts on us
    Over 28,000 companies in Vaud turn to BCV for their banking needs.
  • We are Vaud's leading mortgage provider
    We finance one out of every three mortgages in the Canton.
  • We provide essential funds to local governments
    We are 67%-owned by Vaud Canton. Over the last ten years, we have paid over 2.5 billion in taxes and dividends to the Canton and municipalities.
  • We are a key sponsor of our community
    We sponsor over 850 community events and organizations across the Canton each year, in fields ranging from sports and the arts to economic and social development.
  • We foster promising careers
    Every year, we provide bank training to about 100 college students, apprentices and interns. We also offer new professional opportunities for women who have put their careers on hold and want to get back to work.

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