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Trade finance account

The Trade finance account is a cash account specially designed for companies involved in commodities financing.


  • This account is designed to let you manage all your payment transactions. It is also a place you can park any surplus cash over the short term, and you can make use of the credit limit if you need one. Deposited funds can be accessed at any time, and the account can be managed online with BCV-net.
  • Accounts are available in Swiss francs, US dollars, euros and pounds sterling, and there are no transaction fees. The interest rate is determined automatically according to your daily balance – the higher the balance, the higher the interest rate.

Fees and conditions



Interest rates

In light of market rates, the current interest rate for CHF accounts is 0% on all amounts.


For accounts in all other currencies: 0% on all amounts.

Withdrawal limit

Available funds may be withdrawn at any time with no prior notice

Interest calculation



To save on postage fees, you can opt for daily, weekly, or monthly transaction notification lists instead of individual notifications for each transaction.

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