Be wary if you get a phone call from someone claiming to be an IT support person. When making payments, be sure to check the payee's bank details and the amount. Your log-in details are confidential, never share them with anyone!

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Electronic account reports

Streamline your accounting

Your financial software can use these reports to automatically reconcile your accounting data.

Save time with electronic account reports

Market standard
(ISO 20022/SWIFT)

Automated process

Less admin

Message formats

By authorizing electronic account reports in BCV-net, you can import your data directly into your accounting software for a more automated process. Various ISO 20022 (XML) message formats are available.

  • camt.053: Statement of all entries booked to your account during the day. Also available as a weekly or monthly statement. For general accounting purposes.
  • camt.054: File containing the details of payments originating from QR-bills with a QR-IBAN or from direct debits (LSV). For reconciling your payers’ accounts.
  • camt.052: Intraday statement, generated multiple times daily. To help you better visualize your cash flow and optimize your cash management.

Additionally, you can opt to receive account documents in PDF format (e-statements) or MT 940 format (SWIFT).

Overview of account reporting offered by BCV

Platform / Message type

Incoming payments from debtors (QR bills, LSV+)
(QR-facture, LSV+)
Account reporting
  • camt.053 (ISO)1
  • camt.054 (ISO)
  • e-statement (PDF)
  • camt.053 (ISO)
BCV-connect EBICS
  • camt.053 (ISO)1
  • camt.054 (ISO)
  • camt.052 (ISO)
  • camt.053  (ISO)
  • MT940 (SWIFT)
  • e-statement (PDF)
SWIFT for companies (FIN)
  • MT940 (SWIFT)

1Applies to detailed camt.053 files, which include information on QR-IBAN/LSV transactions (only available if camt.054 has been deactivated)

In BCV-net, go to Preferences > CAMT - ISO.

Authorize CAMT files for the desired accounts and choose the frequency with which you want to receive your statements.

Once you have authorized CAMT message files, you can find them in BCV-net here:

  • camt.053 files: E-statements > CAMT
  • camt.054 files: Payments > File Transfer > Receipt of QR payments

Call our business banking hotline at 0844 228 228 and request to receive CAMT files.

If your software can process account statements in SWIFT format, simply call your BCV advisor to activate delivery of SWIFT MT 940 account statements via SWIFT or BCV-connect EBICS.

Download your e-Statements

Whether or not you’ve authorized electronic account reports, you can always download your statements and debit and credit advices in PDF format, either from BCV-net (in the e-Statements tab) or via BCV-connect EBICS.

That way, you can also receive PDF copies of your account documents (to keep for your records, for example).

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