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Green bonus


We’re here to help you do your bit for the environment by offering attractive interest rates on financing for energy-efficient properties and green renovations.


For clients who:

  • Want to limit the environmental impact of their house or apartment
  • Are buying a property with a CECB eco-rating of A
  • Want to renovate their home to make it more energy efficient



  • 0.25 percentage point reduction on the interest rate of your fixed-rate loan
  • Reduction applicable to loans to purchase or renovate your home
  • Valid for the entire term of your first fixed-rate loan

Bonus conditions

  • Renovations are considered ecological if at least 25% of the total investment (no less than CHF 20,000) will be used to make energy-saving improvements that qualify for subsidies. This kind of renovation work includes:
    • Updating your heating system;
    • Changing windows, doors, skylights, etc.;
    • Renovating and insulating your roof.

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Useful informations

What is the CECB®?

The Cantonal Building Energy Certificate (CECB) is an eco-rating program recognized by all Swiss cantons. The information contained in the certificate can be used for appraisal purposes and to pinpoint potential energy-efficiency improvements. The certificate shows:

  1. The energy efficiency of the building envelope
  2. The amount of energy needed to run the building under normal conditions.