Many aspects of business financing

Over 8,000 businesses in Vaud Canton are financed by BCV. This represents a credit volume of almost 10 billion francs.

SME Direct credit facilities: Helping small companies grow

CHF 20,000 to meet your business' liquidity needs

Working capital

For your business to run smoothly, you need to cover your production costs before you can sell anything. This working capital can come from cash holdings or loans.

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Capital equipment

If you set up your own business, you may need to acquire equipment. For an existing business, equipment has to be maintained and upgraded once it becomes obsolete. If the equipment is not paid for outright by the company, there are various types of credit available for this purpose.


Commercial property

If you decide to acquire property to house your business, we can help – we are very familiar with the local real estate market. We offer a number of mortgage loans for buying, building and renovating.

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Importing and exporting

BCV belongs to an international network of banks and financial institutions with global reach. Our banking products and services, including accounts and loans, meet the needs of SMEs as well as companies specializing in foreign trade.

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Solutions for every need

Cash financing

Investment financing

Risk coverage

BCV’s Crédit Direct PME is a fixed-term advance in the form of a current-account credit limit. It covers your liquidity and investment needs in amounts ranging from CHF 20,000 to CHF 100,000.

This is a loan to finance purchases of capital goods. Fees are constant and the term of the loan is based on the type of goods to be financed.

Under a bank guarantee, in the broadest sense of the term, BCV agrees, at your request, to act as guarantor for you or a third party when taking out a loan.

This loan is granted in the form of a current-account credit limit and provides you with the liquidity necessary to operate your business.

This lets you lease your equipment rather than buying it.

A short-term loan with a fixed term and interest rate. It can be used to cover your cash and/or investment needs.

A short-term loan with a fixed term and interest rate. It can be used to cover your cash and/or investment needs.

This product is a contingent liability under which BCV undertakes to pay a seller a certain sum in the agreed currency, provided that the seller delivers the required documents on time.

We offer mortgage loans for buying, building, renovating or repurposing rental or commercial buildings.


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