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Convenient and reliable

With BCV-net and BCV Mobile, our online and mobile banking platforms, you get everything you would expect from e-banking – viewing your accounts and loans, paying bills online, and secure messaging with your advisor, for example – plus advanced features developed specifically for companies.


What’s new with our digital banking services

  • With the new QR-bill generator in the Services section of BCV-net, you can create your QR bills in just a few clicks with our QR-bill generator.
  • You can upload and download your payment files even more easily in the updated File Transfer section of BCV-net.
  • We’ve redesigned the Payments section of BCV-net to make it even easier to enter payments and find your way around.



  • Place grouped payment orders (e.g., monthly salary payments or supplier payments)
  • Automatically or manually download your account statements and incoming payment files to your accounting software and upload your outgoing payment files to BCV-net
  • Use our QR-bill generator to create QR bills using only your IBAN
  • Submit loan applications or requests to renew fixed-term advances
  • Submit your financial statements via our secure messaging system
  • Get a detailed breakdown of your accounts and loans in the BCV-net financial cockpit
  • Manage employees’ access to company accounts in the Admin section of BCV-net


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BCV Mobile

  • Enjoy the added convenience of mobile banking
  • Scan bills quickly
  • Approve payments on the go
  • Follow stock markets and look up exchange rates

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Security first!

BCV-net access is highly secure. To log in, you can either:

  • Verify your identity on your smartphone in the BCV Mobile app (BCV smartID)
  • Scan a one-time code with a dedicated optical reader (BCV smartCode)

Pay quicker online with PayEye

Use the new PayEye optical reader for a quick and easy way to scan all your QR bills.

BCV customers can purchase a BCV PayEye optical reader, charging station, and USB cable at a discount price of CHF 198 instead of CHF 274.


Save admin time

BCV-net works seamlessly with most accounting and payment software programs on the market. This integrated approach helps streamline your administrative tasks, leaving you more time to run your business.


Select a software program that works with BCV-net



Generating QR bills with an IBAN

Want an easy way to create bills? Our QR-bill generator is now available in our online banking platform, BCV-net.

  • It’s simple, fast, and free
  • You can create bills with just your IBAN
  • You can create bills with just your IBAN


Do more with our dedicated trading platforms


BCV’s secure and low-cost online trading platform.



Place secure forex orders 24 hours a day, six days a week. You can also manage your limit orders and access market information, expert analyses, and trading advice.

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