Be wary if you get a phone call from someone claiming to be an IT support person. When making payments, be sure to check the payee's bank details and the amount. Your log-in details are confidential, never share them with anyone!

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TWINT for businesses

TWINT lets your customers pay with their smartphones in your store, on your website, at your vending machines, for your membership fees – and even at a mobile point of sale.

TWINT payment solutions

QR Code

Your business doesn’t have a payment terminal or cash register? No problem. TWINT offers a printed QR code (also available as a sticker) for attended and unattended points of sale. You can order QR codes for an undefined payment amount or a fixed amount of your choice.

Payment terminal

Do you already use a payment terminal and want to offer the option of paying with TWINT too? All you need to do is activate TWINT on your payment terminal. Your customers can then just scan the QR code that’s displayed there and pay with TWINT.

Online shops

TWINT is a simple payment solution that’s ideal for online merchants of any size. It can be set up either through your payment service provider or a standalone plug-in.

Want to get TWINT?

Select your acquirer from the TWINT website and request your equipment.

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Make paying easier for your customers

Self-service points of sale

Do you have a farm store or a self-service fruit, flower, or vegetable stand? TWINT has partnered with the Swiss Farmers’ Union to offer you a quick, secure, and cashless payment solution – not to mention a number of special offers.



Points of sale without payment terminals

Do you run a small business without a payment terminal? Thanks to TWINT’s printable QR codes, your customers can easily make cashless payments with their smartphone.






Do you want your customers to be able to order food and pay via their smartphone? With TWINT’s QR codes, they can order from your digital menu and settle up – with just a few taps and swipes.





Clubs and associations

Thanks to TWINT’s partnership with RaiseNow, your organization can collect cashless payments for membership fees, sales of goods, and one-time or regular donations. That adds up to happier members, easier bookkeeping, and more income for you.





Do you want to offer contactless payments as an alternative to cash for your public or private parking lot? TWINT has you covered, thanks to its partnership with Parking Pay.






Are you looking for a quick, easy way to collect donations for your nonprofit? Together with its partner RaiseNow, TWINT offers a comprehensive solution for your organization.




Online payments

Do you want to give your website customers the option of paying without a credit card? Just add TWINT to your payment page.



Innovative solutions

Are you developing a new distribution or sales channel and considering using TWINT as a payment method?



What are the advantages of offering TWINT as a payment solution?

TWINT offers a simple payment process with attractive transaction fees for all sales channels: self-service points of sale, cash registers, vending machines, online shops, and app stores. It’s also ideal for mobile points of sale using a smartphone or tablet.

What equipment do I need to accept TWINT payments?

  • Thanks to self-service TWINT QR codes, you can accept TWINT payments even if you don’t have a cash register or payment terminal. Simply order printed QR codes for an undefined payment amount if you typically receive payments in different amounts, or for a fixed amount if you routinely charge the same amount. Then display these QR codes at your point of sale, and your customers can pay using TWINT.
  • If you already have a payment terminal that can display a QR code, you can use it to collect TWINT payments. 

How much does TWINT cost?

As a business owner, you pay the transaction fees (which depend on the acquirer).

How do I receive the money from TWINT payments?

The total amount of the transactions made before 11pm each day will be credited to your account two days after the payment value date. You’ll receive a daily list of transactions that indicates the payment date.

How do I contact TWINT?

You can email TWINT’s Customer Service at

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