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BCV is about more than just financial services. We are also a clearinghouse for financial, economic and business-related news and information, and we sponsor and organize conferences and events throughout the year. Good things happen when you meet the right people.

How to manage the transition to a low-carbon economy

In this supplement to PME (a regional SME magazine) brought to you by BCV, experts from the business world and beyond share tips and ideas on how to manage the energy transition.


Guide to the energy transition – PME supplement (in French only) (2.6 MB)

Read it on the PME website (in French only)

BCV Entreprises Newsletter

BCV regularly publishes an online newsletter for business owners. It deals with the biggest economic and financial questions affecting SMEs in Vaud canton. It is published five times a year and currently has over 2,500 readers.

BCV Immobilier

An in-depth look at Vaud’s real estate market

Every spring and fall, we publish our BCV Immobilier report giving you the information you need to navigate the Vaud real estate market. It includes:

  • Price trends by town and region, illustrated in maps and charts;
  • An overview of the local economy;
  • Closer looks at particular aspects of the market or at specific regions;
  • Updates on rental prices, commercial real estate, and real estate investment vehicles.

Available in French at or

BCV events

We regularly organize seminars on topics such as economics, finance and real estate. Not only will you learn more about important issues, you will also have an opportunity to meet BCV’s experts and outside professionals. These seminars represent a forum for business owners to meet as well.

Speak with your advisor if you are interested in attending any of the following events.

Economy and outlook

In this annual conference, our experts pick apart and discuss economic trends.

Real estate professionals

This annual meeting brings together real-estate specialists who discuss the latest developments in the property market from both an economic and financial point of view.

The information you need to stay on track


Financial analyses from our experts, business advice, and the latest developments in the Vaud economy—all available at (French only)

BCV’s partnerships

BCV has close ties to organizations throughout French-speaking Switzerland that support economic growth in the canton, including for companies that are in the start-up phase or are changing hands. That’s why we’re involved in many seminars and information sessions organized by these partners.


The Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI) conducts business surveys twice a year. The results, which are presented at various times around the canton, provide important insights into the economic environment and where it is headed.

Relève PME

Small businesses are a key component of Switzerland’s economy. When they change hands, Relève PME can help ensure the process goes smoothly. It puts together information sessions and workshops for incoming and outgoing business owners.


Genilem Vaud-Geneva and the Centre Patronal organize an important gathering for startups and the entrepreneurs behind them. The event, called Carrefour des Créateurs, includes exhibitions, seminars and discussions with experts.


Innovaud helps innovative projects based in Vaud Canton get financing, premises and expert advice. It also organizes networking events and provides small businesses with communication tools aimed at increasing their visibility.

The Centre Patronal and the Fédération Vaudoise des Entrepreneurs

The Centre Patronal provides useful information and advice to businesses and professional groups. The Fédération vaudoise des entrepreneurs (FVE) is the largest grouping of employers in the construction industry in Vaud canton. Its member companies are active in structural work, finishing and metal construction.

With the support of the Centre Patronal and the FVE, BCV organizes meetings between professionals in a particular sector and BCV representatives in order to discuss business trends in that sector.

BCV is also a partner of the Micro MBA in business management offered by Romandie Formation, a department of the Centre Patronal.

Useful addresses

Do you want to transfer your company, or maybe expand your business abroad? Check out these local organizations that can assist you throughout the process.

Learn more

BCV publications (French only)


BCV issues a variety of online and printed publications. They are all available on our website, and you can subscribe to receive some of them directly by email.

Guide to starting your own business

BCV and the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry have issued a practical guide with everything you need to know to set up your business in the canton.

Economic research

BCV regularly carries out in-depth research on different aspects of the Vaud economy, including real estate, health, agriculture, and the tech sector. These studies are conducted by the  Observatoire BCV de l’économie vaudoise, which was created in 2004.