Pension products and savings

Managing a business means preparing for the future – and anticipating the unexpected. This concerns you as the business owner and your employees as well.

For your business, your employees and yourself

Occupational pensions

Fondation BCV deuxième pilier is a collective pension fund that has been active in French-speaking Switzerland for over 30 years. Your company can work with it to provide all your employees with pension plans that meet your needs and current legal requirements.

Gérer la prévoyance pro

Retirement planning

You need to plan your own retirement too. In addition to your second pillar, you can also put aside other savings for a rainy day.

Prévoir votre retraite

Surplus cash

If your business has surplus cash, it can invest the money over the medium or long term for future needs. BCV’s corporate investment account, for example, represents a useful safety net for companies.

Placer les excédents de liquidités

Investing your own money

Your professional success means you can build up your own savings. How you invest your money depends on your professional and personal circumstances, the amount available, your plans for the future, and your investor profile. Whether you are self-employed or a company owner, our private banking specialists can help you manage your wealth.

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RP Bancas

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