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Foreign exchange

BCV has been active on the markets for over 40 years, and our flexibility makes us an ideal partner for providing regular, proactive monitoring of your forex positions. Whether you are in direct contact with our forex traders or trading online using our 24/7 BCV e-FOREX service, our specialists are available to give you the advice and analysis you need.

CHF4 billion traded every day

BCV offers a range of instruments and products that we can tailor to your specific requirements. We have specific expertise in exchanging Swiss francs into other currencies and vice-versa, and we provide a competitive service for other currency pairs (including exotic currencies). In an increasingly competitive and constantly changing market, we are a solid, trusted partner to our clients and build long-term relationships with them. BCV is also a very stable institution, as shown by our AA credit rating from Standard & Poor's.

20 specialists dedicated to your forex transactions

BCV's forex team has around 20 traders; a third of them have international experience and half of them have ACI certification. The team has the full range of skills needed to provide services that meet your specific requirements.

The various forex functions form a tight-knit group. They operate together within the BCV trading room at our administrative centre near Lausanne, ensuring that you receive rapid, personal service.

Client team: 10 multilingual advisors

Our forex advisors work with both companies and investors.

Their activities include:

  • Assessing your needs
  • Helping you select and monitor your strategies
  • Simulating hedging positions
  • Taking an approach suited to your risk profile
  • Contacting you personally as and when market opportunities arise
Jochen Dorn
André Pache
Jean-Daniel Aubry
Sandrine Buri
Fabrice Clerc
Claude-Alain Despland
David Imbalzano
Christophe Kindinis
Marco Pereira
Christoph Weingartner

Forex trading team

Traders operate across all currency pairs and are in touch with participants in all the world's financial markets.

Nicolas Tissot (spot)
Thierry Favre (Spot)
Mehdi Schnider (Swap)
Daniel Desveaux (Options)
Ivan Richard (Options)
Laurent Bongard (Billets et Métaux précieux)

Support, analysis and development

Our development department focuses on developing new solutions to meet your requirements. Sandrine Buri, head of client support, is committed to providing you with high-quality admin services. 

Sandrine Buri
Laurent Bongard (Billets et Métaux précieux)

Range of instruments and products

Our teams execute all basic currency trades, and they trade more complex instruments and products such as custom structured forex products and forex options.

If you want to optimize your liquidity or hedge your currency risk, we can issue custom products covering most of your requirements in these areas. To ensure that you have the best possible experience, our client team can advise you on the best product and will support you throughout the life of the product. Not only do you benefit from competitive prices, but our custom products are also backed by an AA credit rating from Standard & Poor's, which is a guarantee of financial solidity, even if you do not have an account with BCV.

Expert support in interest-rate risk management

Our experts will take your entire situation into account – debt portfolio, future needs, maturities, etc. – in order to assess your risk exposure and simulate the financial impact of interest-rate movements. They will develop tailor-made solutions, helping you select the right financial instruments and implement your hedging strategy.

Jean-Daniel Aubry Jean-Daniel Aubry
Fabrice Clerc Fabrice Clerc

Our forex, metals and cash management range

Foreign exchange


Cash management

Interest rate contracts

  • spot trades
  • forward trades
  • non-deliverable forwards
  • swaps
  • standard options
  • exotic options
  • non-deliverable options
  • hedging solutions
  • structured products
  • mini-futures
  • foreign banknotes
  • spot trades
  • forward trades
  • swaps
  • standard options
  • exotic options
  • structured products
  • physical metals
  • technical analysis



  • interest rate swaps (IRSs)
  • caps
  • floors


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The “Markets” tab in our BCV Mobile app gives you 24/7 access to the latest market highlights and financial news (in French only).

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