Payment terminals

Payment terminals (or card readers) make it easy to accept cashless payments in your store.


  • Customers can make cashless payments in just seconds
  • Cuts down on the time it takes to process cash payments
  • The risk of theft is lower than with cash (which can be stolen in the store or on the way to the bank)
  • Lets you capture sales opportunities by catering to clients who pay only by card 


Choose between two types of payment terminals.

Mobile terminals

These rugged, portable, and easy-to-use terminals are the ideal solution if you’re a traveling merchant, self-employed, or don't carry out a lot of transactions. It can also be a good idea for individuals and non-profit organizations to have one on hand for occasional transactions.  

You simply need a smartphone to process your customers’ payments.

And the device only costs around CHF 100.

Countertop terminals

For merchants who regularly accept a large number of payments, this terminal can be used with or without an interface with a cash register.

Several types of devices are available depending on your business needs: lightweight, fully integrated with a cash register, usable outside, etc.  

You can also rent or lease a terminal.

Special offer

Get Worldline’s compact Link/2500+ mobile payment terminal for just CHF 199 and give your customers a seamless cashless experience.

  • Accepts all major Swiss and international payment methods, including TWINT and PostFinance Card*
  • Light and compact terminal (Link/2500 Portable Flex)
  • 24/7 local support
  • 4G/WiFi, with free SIM card included
  • Transaction fee of 1.7% per card payment*


*CHF 0.23 per PostFinance Card transaction (with Postfinance contract)


Use your terminal to
collect TWINT payments. At
checkout, your customers will see a QR code that they can scan with their
smartphones. This system is available
for both mobile and countertop terminals.


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