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Meet with the Star’Terre advisory team

Do you have an innovative business idea for the production, transformation, distribution, or promotion of agricultural and food products in the Lake Geneva region? If so, our partner Star’Terre can advise you on how to get your project off the ground.

Star’Terre supports local farmers, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders in the food ecosystem in their efforts to share knowledge, innovate, and promote agricultural and food production and know-how.

When you meet with the Star’Terre team, they will carry out an initial assessment of your business. Based on how far along you are in building your company, they will then refer you to a partner organization, point you toward useful resources, and advise you on your next steps.

Thanks to our partnership with Star’Terre, you will receive the standard 45-minute no-cost consultation, plus an additional 30 minutes free of charge for being a BCV corporate customer.

Learn more about Star’Terre

Special offer for BCV corporate clients:

  • Free additional half hour (total consultation time: 75 minutes)

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If you’re interested, we’ll put you in touch with Star’Terre. After speaking with them, you can decide whether you’d like to take advantage of the BCV preferential offer.