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TWINT QR codes for businesses

Receive contactless payments with a TWINT QR-code sticker

Don’t have a payment terminal or cash register? No problem. Our partner TWINT offers a QR-code sticker for attended and unattended points of sale.

Your customers can pay by scanning the QR code with their smartphone.

And you can order QR codes for an undefined payment amount or a fixed amount of your choice.


  • You can receive payments without a payment terminal or cash register
  • There's no activation fee or monthly fee
  • There’s no need to count or store cash
  • Secure payments are made directly to your account

QR-code stickers are free to order – you simply pay a 1.3% transaction fee on each amount.

Special offer for BCV corporate clients:

  • Transaction fees waived through 15 November 2023.*

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*Refund of up to CHF 200 per customer for transaction fees charged by TWINT through 15 November 2023. This offer is only valid for new TWINT users who order TWINT QR-code stickers.

All orders for TWINT QR codes are made directly with TWINT SA; BCV disclaims all liability with regard to this product.

Offer limited to the first 50 orders.