Working capital

Working capital is a recurrent theme in a company’s business cycle. BCV can help you assess your needs, and we offer suitable financing solutions. This means that you will have sufficient cash at all times.

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How to finance it

Through a bank

Working capital covers current assets (receivables, inventories and work in progress). It can be increased by cash generated through operations and, if necessary, through bank loans.

Usefulness of cash-flow projections

Cash-flow projections – even if rudimentary – are important for correctly identifying working capital needs. If you take out a working capital loan, your working capital needs will be regularly reviewed and adapted in line you’re your company’s revenue trends.

Working capital loans

BCV offers three solutions for financing your working capital.

Short-term loan

Short-term loans can cover your liquidity requirements by setting up a credit limit on your current account. There is no restriction on withdrawals. Interest is charged at a variable rate and the amount you pay is based on use of the credit facility, not on the limit granted. The balance of your account can also be positive.

Fixed-term advance

Fixed-term advances are commercial loans with a fixed rate of interest that provide you with a liquidity reserve when drawing up a cash-flow projection. The funds are released in the form of a lump sum and are also repaid in this form on a defined date.

Crédit Direct PME: loans starting at CHF 20,000

BCV’s Crédit Direct PME can be used to borrow between CHF 20,000 and CHF 100, 000. This facility takes the form of a credit limit on your BCV current account. The application procedure is simple and the funds are made available rapidly.

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