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Startup consultation

The CVCI’s new business advisory service helps prepare budding entrepreneurs of any stripe.

Want to start your own business but don’t know where to begin? Our partner, the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI), is
offering a free 30-minute consultation to help you answer the basic questions every entrepreneur should ask.       

  • What legal structure should I choose for my company?
  • What steps do I have to take to become self-employed or create an LLC or PLC (i.e., a Sàrl or an SA)?
  • What are my obligations in terms of authorizations, social insurance, and work permits?
  • Do I need to enter my business in the trade register?
  • What about VAT?
  • Do I have to keep my own books or should I use an accountant?

Thanks to our partnership with the CVCI, your consultation will get priority access and be can scheduled outside regular hours.

Special offer for BCV corporate clients:

  • Consultation outside regular hours
  • Priority access

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If you’re interested, we’ll put you in touch with the CVCI. After speaking with them, you can decide whether you’d like to take advantage of this BCV preferential offer.