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Services for attorneys and notaries

Attorneys and notaries across Vaud regularly turn to BCV. Our Private Banking advisors trained on the issues important to your field will respond to your needs in such areas as financial planning, pension planning, taxes, and financing. And for your occupational pension fund needs, look no further than Avena - Fondation BCV 2e pilier.

Tailored services

We offer a range of value-added services designed specifically for attorneys and notaries:

  • A dedicated advisor based in your region
  • A top-tier pension fund, Avena - Fondation BCV 2e pilier
  • Preferential terms and conditions for the members of your profession
  • Experts who are readily available to answer your questions
  • Professional events on topics in your field, organized by BCV

Avena - Fondation BCV 2e pilier

Avena - Fondation BCV 2e pilier has been recognized by the Vaud Bar Association (Ordre des avocats Vaudois) and the Vaud Notary Association (Association des notaires Vaudois) as an approved occupational pension fund for self-employed attorneys and notaries. It has been providing occupational pension fund services in French-speaking Switzerland for over forty years. Its 40 experts provide a range of services targeted to your needs:

  • Potential tax benefits that could be substantial depending on revenues
  • Attractive risk premium
  • Easy membership procedure
  • Disability insurance adapted to your circumstances
  • A flexible pension solution
  • Members permitted to purchase past years up to the maximum legal limit

Occupational pension fund membership

Membership options for independent attorneys and notaries


Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution

Pension fund for employees

 Pension fund for the profession

The Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution is a Swiss national occupational benefits organization. It acts on behalf of the Federal Government as a second-pillar safety net.

Attorneys and notaries can choose the occupational pension fund for their employees, and are covered by the same plan as their employees

The Vaud Bar Association has approved Avena -  Fondation BCV 2e pilier as an occupational pension fund for self-employed attorneys and notaries.

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