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RP Rente certaine

RP Rente Certaine is a term-certain annuity contract offered by our partner Retraites Populaires. It gives you a guaranteed, steady stream of income for a set period of time. The technical interest rate on these contracts is attractive and guaranteed by Retraites Populaires.


  • Your investment is secure: the annuity payments are guaranteed.
  • Makes it easy to establish a retirement budget.
  • Includes attractive tax benefits.


With the RP Rente Certaine contract, you invest a single lump sum and get steady income for a period of your choosing.

That will let you:

  • Make up for any temporary drop in income, worry-free
  • Enjoy the start of your golden years by traveling or pursuing hobbies or other leisure activities
  • Provide steady income to your children or grandchildren to help them pay for their studies

Fees and conditions



Interest rate

1.5%, which is higher than on a standard savings account

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