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Independent asset managers have a solid partner in BCV. We offer a slate of services designed to meet your specific needs and continually updated to stay at the forefront of this fast-changing industry.

Our services include a high-performance online platform, a team of experts you can call on, and support with administrative tasks. 


  • Competent assistance with administrative tasks and filings, so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Our Pro Access online platform with around-the-clock data on your clients' investments. You can also make use of a broad network of bank branches throughout Switzerland thanks to our partnerships with other banks in BCV Group and with the Union of Swiss Cantonal Banks.
  • A full lineup of banking services, including day-to-day account management, trading, financing, investment funds, financial planning services, and more.


Our services for independent asset managers include:

  • A full range of investment products – including customized solutions – along with services for your day-to-day banking needs
  • Use of our Pro Access online platform
  • Fast processing of mortgage or Lombard loan requests
  • Financial planning experts who can help you with specific issues such as tax optimization, estate planning, pension, disability and life insurance, and legal matters

We also operate the biggest trading room in French-speaking Switzerland, meaning we can get you the best terms for your market orders. We can also provide:

  • Experienced traders and forex dealers you can contact directly
  • Help with creating your own structured product or private label fund

In addition, our investment strategy experts will give you the latest information on our investment policy, so you can make fast, well-informed decisions.

Pro Access: secure asset management at your fingertips

  • Manage trading orders quickly, easily, and any time of day or night
  • Simulate the impact of an order on your portfolio before you place the order
  • View the execution status of your orders whenever you want

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For more information:

Bernhard Rytz,

Head of the Independent Asset Managers Department