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Financial planning

Financial planning is a cornerstone of our advisory services. We take a 360º approach, considering all aspects of your personal finances to help you make the right investment decisions at the right time.No matter what your goals – planning for retirement or simply building up your wealth – our advisors are here to help. We offer two types of services: wealth planning and retirement planning.


Wealth planning

Turn to our wealth planning specialists if you have supplemental income you would like to invest to build up your assets. We will perform a comprehensive assessment, including:

  • Working with you to determine your current financial position and help you set investment goals
  • Suggesting concrete steps you can take to achieve those goals, while optimizing the allocation of your investments
  • Advising you on major financial decisions concerning retirement, life and disability insurance, your securities portfolio, tax issues and any specific projects you may have in mind
  • Regularly reviewing your investment strategies and updating them if necessary, based on any changes in your circumstances

Retirement planning

If you plan to retire soon or start scaling back your working hours, then our retirement planning services can help. We will perform a comprehensive assessment of your personal finances, including your current and projected assets, your pension, disability and life insurance coverage, and your tax situation. We will also look at your goals for the short and long term, and any estate planning decisions you may face. Our review will cover:

  • Your current financial position and your retirement goals
  • Concrete steps to ensure a worry-free retirement
  • The retirement solution best suited to your needs
  • Regular updates to your retirement planning strategy to take into account any changes in your circumstances

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