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Epargne 3 Savings Account

With our Epargne 3 savings account, you can save up for retirement, a new house, or to become self-employed – all while reducing your tax bill.


  • Put aside what you want, when you want
  • Save on your taxes
  • Withdraw your money when you retire early, buy a house, or start your own business

Maximize your Pillar 3 retirement savings


Tax-free interest at an attractive rate

The variable interest rate on our Epargne 3 account is higher than that on our standard savings account. And the interest you receive is not subject to income tax. 

Paying down your mortgage indirectly

You can put money intended to pay off your mortgage into an Epargne 3 account. At the end of the agreed term, you can use the money in the account to pay down your mortgage. The money you withdraw is taxed at a reduced rate.

This method offers significant tax advantages: money paid into an Epargne 3 account can be deducted from your taxable income, and your mortgage debt remains constant during this time and can therefore be deducted in full from your total wealth on your tax return.

Open several accounts to maximize the tax benefits

You can get additional tax benefits when you take money out of your Epargne 3 account by spreading the withdrawals over several years, to minimize the effects of progressive taxation. You can take the money out starting five years before the legal retirement age or, if you continue working, until age 69 for women and age 70 for men. However, when you take money out of an Epargne 3 account, you must take it all out at once. Therefore you would need to have several accounts to spread the withdrawals out over time.

Fees and conditions



Interest rate

  • 0.60%
  • From 01.08.2023: 0.80%

Withdrawal conditions

  • Starting no more than five years before the legal retirement age.  If you continue working after the legal retirement age and keep paying into a third-pillar account, you can get the corresponding third-pillar tax benefits for up to five years after the legal retirement age.
  • If you want to buy a house or pay down a mortgage
  • If you leave Switzerland permanently
  • If you want to become self-employed
  • If you use the money you withdraw to purchase past years in an occupational pension fund
  • If you become eligible for full Swiss disability benefits

Other conditions

  • Your income must be subject to Swiss social security contributions
  • Maximum tax-deductible amount (for 2023): CHF 7,056 if you pay into an occupational pension fund; otherwise, 20% of your income (up to a limit of CHF 35,280)

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Portfolio 3

With our Portfolio 3 account, you can invest some of your retirement savings in the capital markets for a long-term return by transferring funds from your Epargne 3 savings account to your Portfolio 3 account, where it will be invested in accordance with one of our investment strategies.