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Personal savings

Setting aside savings now can help you later on, when you want to retire or take that trip of your dreams. It can also come in handy to face unexpected events. Or you may want to give a hand to a family member one day, or pass some money along to your children.

Our experts can help you set up the right savings strategy; they can also advise you on your day-to-day finances, retirement planning, property purchases, investments and tax issues.

Four good reasons to save

  1. For future travel, hobbies or other plans
  2. For unexpected needs
  3. Because you want to retire comfortably
  4. Because you want the best for your children and loved ones

Solutions, whatever your needs

Tailored advice

When it comes to important life decisions, BCV is by your side. Your advisor will present you with a series of options tailored to your professional, financial and family situation.


Savings account

You may have big plans that require substantial savings, or you may want to set some money aside for a rainy day. Our Savings account is the ideal way to keep your savings apart from your everyday spending money.

Epargne 3 and Portfolio 3

Epargne 3 is a retirement savings account that offers significant tax benefits, and, unlike some third-pillar retirement products, is not linked to life or disability insurance. If you pair your Epargne 3 account with a Portfolio 3 account, part or all of your retirement savings can be invested in the financial markets. You can make investments periodically or as often as you see fit.

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