Discretionary management mandates

If you have built up considerable personal wealth, you may wish to put your assets in the hands of our seasoned asset managers. Under our discretionary management mandates – recommended for investment portfolios of at least CHF 500,000 – you can choose among our active and semi-active management strategies.


  • Track your portfolio's performance with regular market updates and detailed  performance reports.
  • Take advantage of our rigorous asset management process that includes daily monitoring of portfolios. We'll optimize your asset allocation according to our experts' macroeconomic outlook.
  • Do your part for sustainable development. We systematically integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria in our fund-selection process. Where competing funds offer similar financial profiles, we favor those with the best sustainability profile.
  • Give us instructions for how you want your assets to be managed or what general strategy we should follow.
  • View your portfolio's investments and performance online.

Semi-active strategies: tailored to your investor profile

Our semi-active investment strategies are based on a benchmark asset allocation adapted to your investor profile. These strategies tend to be more volatile in the short term while maximizing returns over the long run for a given level of risk. We offer five semi-active strategies: Obligations, Revenu, Equipondéré, Dynamique, and Actions. The base currency can be the Swiss franc, euro, or US dollar.

Learn more about our semi-active strategies


Active strategies: greater flexibility in pursuit of higher returns

Our active investment strategies are designed to match or beat the performance of the reference strategy during rising or volatile markets, and mitigate losses during market downturns. Unlike conventional strategies, which are based on an unchanging benchmark asset and currency allocation, our active strategies invest in a variety of asset classes (stocks, bonds, the money market, and alternative investments) with an allocation that can change depending on economic and financial-market factors. We offer four different active management strategies: Sécurité, Défensif, Balancé, and Offensif.

Learn more about our active strategies


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