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BCV Conseil


Every investor is unique. That's why as a Private Banking client you will have a dedicated advisor by your side through thick and thin. Not only that, but your advisor will be backed by our numerous experts in financial planning and investment solutions.

Our investment solutions

BCV Conseil

You are in the driver’s seat, making all investment decisions yourself while drawing on personalized advice and recommendations from your dedicated advisor.

ESG Ambition funds

You would like to generate an attractive, long-term return on an investment while making a measurable, positive impact on society.

Discretionary management agreements

You let our experts manage your portfolio for you based on our deep knowledge, experience, and investment policy. As a Private Banking client, you will work with a dedicated advisor.

Investing smart

At BCV, we offer a wide range of investment solutions – and to choose the right ones for you, we need to determine your investor profile. This personalized process is the ­key to successfully managing your wealth, so your advisor will sit down with you to discuss your investment preferences and objectives right from the very first meeting.

Determining your objectives

Your investor profile

Your investor profile is in many ways like your investor DNA. Your advisor will define your profile with you, taking into account your investment goals, your risk tolerance, and your financial knowledge and experience.

Our investment approach

When managing your portfolio, BCV follows a rigorous investment process, which is vital for long-term success. The process comprises three steps: modelling, investment policy, and implementation.

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