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Innovative investment funds

Our broad lineup of investment funds is built on decades of experience in macroeconomic research and financial engineering. It includes products from BCV and partners. That means you get to choose from a wide range of innovative investment solutions that can stand alone or be combined to meet your needs.

Other investment vehicles

Structured products

Structured products are made up of different asset classes and can include stocks, bonds, currencies and derivatives. Structured products are all designed for a specific purpose and, taken together, can broaden your range of investment options, expand your investment universe, tailor your portfolio to your risk appetite, and generate attractive returns. The main benefit of structured products is that they are extremely flexible and can provide investment opportunities no matter which way the markets are going.


Derivatives are based on underlying assets such as stocks, indices, interest rates, currencies, and commodities. They are typically used to reduce or transfer risk. Today derivatives consist primarily of options and futures contracts. Contact your BCV advisor to learn how you can invest in derivatives on Eurex and the world's other main exchanges through the BCV trading floor. 

Dual Currency Certificates

BCV-issued Dual Currency Certificates are structured products that combine a money-market deposit in a base currency (the underlying asset) and a currency option. They offer potentially higher returns than those typically available in stable money markets. However, depending on market conditions at maturity, you could get your money back in a predefined replacement currency rather than the investment currency.

Short-term investments

We offer several short-term investment solutions in Swiss francs and other currencies. These include time deposits – which offer advantageous interest rates depending on the length of the deposit – and fiduciary deposits.  

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