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The only thing better than having dreams is making them come true. That’s why you should start saving up for them now. The money you tuck away will also be a useful buffer against an uncertain future.

What’s your goal?

  • Making a dream come true
  • Saving for your future or for retirement
  • Saving for your children
  • Building a financial safety net
  • Starting your own business


Solutions, whatever your needs

Basic savings

With our standard savings account, you can put money aside to bring you ever closer to your goal, whether it's a new home, a dream vacation, or anything else you've been yearning for.

Retirement savings, and more

Our Epargne 3 account lets you supplement your retirement income. But you can also use those savings to help you buy a home or become self-employed.

Cash-value life insurance

RP Duo is a capital-guaranteed whole life insurance policy that you can use to build a nest egg for you and your family.