Why invest?

  • Higher returns: When you invest through BCV, your savings can grow up to 30 times faster than in a traditional savings account.
  • Reliable support: Investing can be daunting when you’re starting out. But you can get the support you need from our advisors, who are available to answer your questions at a branch or by videoconference.
  • Flexibility: We’ll propose an investment solution in line with your needs, whether you intend to invest large sums of money or as little as CHF 100 per month.
  • Sustainability: BCV promotes sustainable investment choices.

What should you invest in?

  • Investor profile: Before you invest, we will sit down with you to determine your investor profile, which is based on your financial capacity, risk tolerance, and experience in finance.
  • Investment objectives: We will prepare an investment proposal that’s in line with your investment timeframe and how you wish to invest your money (e.g., through a large initial investment, or smaller, regular investments).
  • Investing sustainably: If you prefer sustainable investments, we’ll take that into account. All our funds apply ESG criteria, and one fund in particular – ESG Ambition – is designed to contribute actively to sustainable development.

Our investment solutions

BCV offers you the opportunity to invest your money in the financial markets, even if you only plan on saving small amounts on a regular basis. With our Start Invest savings plan, you can put away as little as CHF 100 per month, and you won’t have to pay any brokerage fees.

Are you looking to invest in a fund that’s tailored to your investment profile and offers an attractive return? BCV’s asset allocation funds meet the needs of any investor.

Our BCV Stratégie Equipondéré ESG Ambition fund is ideal for investors with a balanced risk profile and who are seeking long-term capital growth and additional income through a sustainable investment.

Basic investment options at a glance


BCV Start Invest

Asset allocation funds

Minimum amount

CHF 100 (max. CHF 2,000)

CHF  10,000

Invested in the stock market


Whenever you choose

Recommended Investment horizon

At least 5 years

At least 3 years

Brokerage fees


1.5% for buy orders, none for sell orders

Length of time money is tied up





Learn more

Determine your investment profile

Investing your way

If you prefer to invest independently, you can open an account with TradeDirect, BCV’s secure and low-cost online trading platform. 


If you have over CHF 500,000 in assets, our specialists can provide you with personalized advice.


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