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Transfer your mortgage loan

With interest rates at rock-bottom, now is the perfect time to transfer your mortgage to BCV. Why BCV? It's simple: You can switch to a fixed-rate mortgage, for example, and save money by locking in an ultra-low rate.

We'll help you navigate Vaud's real-estate market

As the Canton’s leading mortgage provider – we finance one out of every three new homes – we know the market inside and out. So you can turn to us for expert advice on choosing the right property and structuring your loan. And when it comes time to transfer your mortgage, you can draw on our vast network of specialists to help with the financial planning and tax aspects.

Transfer your mortgage loan in just a few clicks

Hypo-net offers you two different financing options – choose the one you like and fill in the requested information. You will immediately receive an agreement in principle and an offer valid for two weeks.

  • See how much you can save on your interest payments
  • Estimate how much your current bank may charge you to terminate your loan early

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If you’re buying your first home to live in yourself, we’ll sweeten the pot by waiving your interest payments for the first six months.

Key points

How can you save money by transferring your mortgage loan?

If you bought your home 10 or 20 years ago, your mortgage loan is probably still carrying a high interest rate. Refinancing your loan at today’s rock-bottom rates can lead to significant savings. Compare your current loan to what BCV has to offer – we think you’re going to like what you see.


Is it complicated to transfer a mortgage loan to BCV?

With Hypo-net, you can transfer your mortgage loan online in just a few clicks. Throughout this process, you will have the option of speaking with a BCV advisor, whenever you need. Our advisors can look at the details of your situation and explain what BCV has to offer.


How much does it cost to transfer your mortgage loan?

You pay no loan arrangement fee when you transfer your mortgage loan using Hypo-net. And if your current lender charges a fee for paying off your mortgage early, that amount can be added to your BCV loan – that way you can pay off the fee over the life of your new loan.