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SavingsPlus account

Save up for your long-term projects

With our SavingsPlus account, the more money you have in the account, the higher the interest rate. That makes it ideal for building up your savings over the long term.


  • Perfect for putting money aside for the long term
  • The interest rate increases the more money you have in the account


The account has a progressive interest rate, meaning it goes up as the balance in your account increases (up to CHF 500,000).

Fees and conditions


Fees and conditions


20 years and older

Withdrawal terms

  • CHF 20,000/year limit, starting in the second year
  • 12 months’ notice required for larger amounts
  • If the required notice is not given, the amount exceeding the withdrawal limit will incur an interest penalty
  • Only interest can be withdrawn starting in the first year

Annual fee


Interest rate

Account rates and conditions


Useful documents

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