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Building your own home

Your home, your way. You've decided to build your own home and have found the perfect plot of land and the right construction pros to get the job done right. We can help with the financing.

Steps for building your own home

First things first. Once you've found a plot of land, have the necessary inspections carried out to make sure the land is suitable for building and determine what other properties might also be built close to yours. You’ll also want to get a land register extract showing what easements may be on your plot. Then you can turn to us for a building loan.

  1. Find a plot of land or development lot
  2. Simulate various financing scenarios
  3. Reserve the plot or off-plan property
  4. Meet with a BCV advisor
  5. Set the terms of the loan
  6. Make the purchase

A solution to your needs

Attractive financing terms

With our easy, secure Building Plus loan, you can start building that dream home right away.