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For peace of mind tomorrow, plan ahead today. BCV can help, whether it has to do with maintaining your standard of living after retirement, achieving personal projects or goals, or protecting yourself and your family from life's unknowns.

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Financing to buy, build or renovate your home

If you're in the market for a new house or apartment, if you want to build a home, or if you want to renovate your current property, we can help.

As Vaud's leading mortgage provider – we finance one out of every three new homes in Vaud Canton – we offer a range of convenient financing options. Use our simulator to calculate how much you can afford to spend based on your income and the savings you have available for a downpayment.

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Put your money to work

When it comes to investing your money, BCV can help you find the right balance between risk and return. We offer a number of investment products to meet your needs.

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If you have more than 250,000 francs in assets, you qualify for BCV's made-to-measure private-banking services.


If you want to do your own trading in a secure environment and at competitive prices, our online trading platform, TradeDirect, could be just what you're looking for.


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BCV, in cooperation with the Lake Geneva Region Tourist Office, is proud to introduce BCV Extra, which entitles all holders of a BCV Maestro card to special prices on leisure activities all over the Canton.



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