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Medium-term notes

   A stable savings product with an attractive return


  • Fixed-term investment, with a maturity of 2 to 10 years

  • Fixed interest rate over the term of the investment 

  • Fully protected capital, returned at maturity

  • No subscription fee 

  • No redemption fee


Are you looking to build your savings through a safe investment that offers an attractive return? Medium-term notes pay a fixed interest rate that’s higher than what you would get from a traditional savings account, and the invested capital is fully protected and returned to you at the selected maturity.


Fees and conditions

Investment term

2 to 10 years

Withdrawal term

You cannot cash out your investment early

Minimum amount

CHF 1,000, recommended for investments of CHF 20,000 or more

Subscription fee 


Redemption fee 


Custody fee

0.135% per year
(minimum of CHF 30 per account or CHF 20 per position)

Interest earned

Account rates and conditions