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Retirement planning

Retirement is a major life change that you should start preparing for early – ideally by the time you're 50. Some of the key issues you need to consider are your expected retirement income, whether you’ll want that income as an annuity or a lump sum, and whether you might be able to take an early retirement.

Our advisors are on hand to help you make important decisions wisely, so you can head into your retirement years worry-free.

Assess your retirement benefits today

Our advisors will review your financial situation – including any retirement accounts, investments, and other savings – and give you a summary of your total assets and the income you can expect during retirement. You'll get personalized information on:

  • Your current financial situation, to help you set goals for the future
  • What retirement benefits you can expect when you retire
  • Investment and insurance options to enhance your income or make up for any shortfalls