Banking has never been easier

Our convenient, practical banking services make it easy to manage your money and save for the future.

Deposit your paycheck and pay bills

Our all-in-one banking packs have everything you need to handle your day-to-day finances. And with our online banking service, you can view your accounts, carry out transactions, and find the information you need – quickly, securely and wherever and whenever you want.

Recevoir son salaire

Access your money conveniently

Use our secure payment cards for fast and easy shopping in Switzerland and abroad. You can also withdraw cash at many convenient locations, including our 200 ATMs.

Profiter de mon argent

Watch your savings grow

Do you want to save money at a higher interest rate than what's on a current account? If so, our savings accounts are for you.

Gérer mon surplus de cash

Save on taxes

Our Epargne 3 savings account is a tax-advantaged way to set aside money for retirement or to save up to buy a home.


Economiser des impots


Get a personal loan

BCV has partnered with cashgate, which can provide you with a personal loan for a range of needs.

Gérer un besoin temporaire de cash

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