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Responsible lending

BCV is helping to finance the energy transition in Vaud Canton.

By keeping our lending focused on Vaud-based customers, businesses, and public-sector entities, we help maintain a wide array of jobs, skills, and services in our home region that are aligned with the needs and expectations of the community.

Mortgage loans

When assessing a property, we consider a range of qualitative and quantitative environmental criteria. For instance, we look at the property’s condition, how it is heated, and whether or not it has solar panels.

We are also encouraging green renovations by making it easier and cheaper for our customers to get a from Romande Energie. The audit includes an energy-efficiency analysis of the building as well as a list of recommended improvements.
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Want to see how much it would cost to upgrade your heating system or install solar panels?

Since 2008, we have offered a Green Bonus that gives customers a reduced interest rate if their mortgage loan is used to purchase eco-friendly real estate or to renovate their property to exacting environmental standards.


Lending to businesses

At BCV, we are mindful of the social and environmental risks and impacts of our lending, and we review our sector exclusion list every year. We decline to finance projects relating to:

  • controversial weapons and munitions
  • pornography
  • gambling companies in other countries or unlicensed gambling operators in Switzerland
  • coal mines
  • nuclear power plants
  • coal-fired power plants
  • crude oil or residual fuel oil
  • shale gas
  • unsustainable fishing and logging activities.

To encourage Vaud-based businesses to lower their carbon footprint and help put the Canton’s economy on a greener footing, we have entered into a partnership with the PEIK energy-audit program run by SuisseEnergie.


In addition, clients can take advantage of our Green Bonus capital expenditure loans, with zero interest for the first six months if certain conditions are met.

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