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2011 Financial news

06 December 2011

Standard and Poor’s raises its long-term credit rating on BCV from AA– to AA

Rating agency Standard & Poor’s announced yesterday evening that it has raised BCV’s long-term credit rating from AA– (positive) to AA (stable). Standard & Poor’s also confirmed BCV’s short-term rating of A-1+.

10 November 2011

BCV Group 9M 2011 revenues and results on firm track

BCV Group reported very solid 9M 2011 financial results, in line with the trend observed in recent reporting periods. Revenues increased 1% to CHF 760m* and business volumes continued to expand. Despite the uncertain economic climate and financial market downturn, operating profit declined only 3%.

18 August 2011

H1 2011 net profit up 6% at BCV Group

BCV Group posted solid results in the first half of 2011. Despite the challenging market environment, net profit was up 6% to CHF 154m.* Revenues were stable at CHF 503m, while business volumes continued to expand steadily. Mortgage lending rose 4% to CHF 21.2bn and customer savings grew 3% to CHF 11.2bn.

05 May 2011

BCV Group reports strong Q1 11 results, with operating profit up 4%

BCV Group posted very good results* for the first quarter of 2011, in line with the momentum observed in recent years. Volumes and revenues were up across most business lines, and operating profit rose 4% year-on-year to CHF 119m. These results take into account the integration of Banque Franck Galland & Cie SA as from 8 February 2011.

24 February 2011

Operating profit up 2% and net profit up 4% at BCV Group

BCV Group turned in very strong 2010 financial results, once again posting a year-on-year improvement. Revenues increased 2% to CHF 996m on sharply rising business volumes. Operating profit rose 2% to CHF 480m and net profit was up 4% to CHF 314m despite a non-recurring charge-off of CHF 34m resulting from the final settlement with the Swiss Federal Tax Administration. The Group is pressing ahead with the dividend policy and equity-optimization strategy announced in 2008. At the next Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors will therefore propose an ordinary dividend of CHF 22 as well as a distribution of CHF 10 per share out of paid-in reserves. This will allow the Group to return CHF 275m to shareholders.