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Operating profit up 2% and net profit up 4% at BCV Group

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Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, Lausanne, Switzerland
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BCV Group turned in very strong 2010 financial results, once again posting a year-on-year improvement. Revenues increased 2% to CHF 996m on sharply rising business volumes. Operating profit rose 2% to CHF 480m and net profit was up 4% to CHF 314m despite a non-recurring charge-off of CHF 34m resulting from the final settlement with the Swiss Federal Tax Administration. The Group is pressing ahead with the dividend policy and equity-optimization strategy announced in 2008. At the next Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors will therefore propose an ordinary dividend of CHF 22 as well as a distribution of CHF 10 per share out of paid-in reserves. This will allow the Group to return CHF 275m to shareholders.