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Our carbon footprint

Every year we measure our greenhouse gas emissions and assess our overall carbon footprint. That information is used to set targets and take corrective actions to reduce our environmental impact.

Sources of emissions

Our 2020 assessment showed that we emitted 5,549 metric tons of CO2 equivalent. That’s equal to the average annual emissions of 957 people in Switzerland.

That same year, we were awarded the Certified CO2 Neutral label by Swiss Climate.

Concrete measures

At BCV, we have long worked to shrink our carbon footprint across our operations:

  • We are continuing to renovate our buildings to make them more energy efficient. 
  • We are taking steps to reduce our paper and electricity consumption.
  • We consider sustainability criteria when choosing our suppliers.
  • We offset the greenhouse gas emissions from our operations by financing carbon reduction and sequestration projects with Swiss Climate.
  • We promote energy-efficient real estate through the loans we grant.
  • We are accelerating our efforts in the area of socially responsible investing (SRI).

CDP survey

Our achievements have been recognized by CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), an organization that analyzes the environmental impact of over 9,000 companies around the world.

In 2020, CDP gave us a rating of A-, which is the second highest of eight grades and an improvement on our 2019 score. It also puts us in the leadership category and places us first among Swiss cantonal banks. 

A– Leadership

BCV's grade and category in the CDP survey, which assesses companies' environmental impact and disclosure practices