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BCV’s Observatoire économique

As a major contributor the Vaud economy, BCV is ideally positioned to track and study trends in the region’s key sectors. To that end, in 2004 we created the BCV Observatoire économique.

The Observatoire is headed by Jean-Pascal Baechler, BCV’s economic advisor, who collects and analyzes economic data and issues in-depth reports to help local companies better understand their business environment. The Observatoire also works with other organizations to publish white papers on important issues affecting the Vaud economy.

The Observatoire – in association with such entities as the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI), industry associations, the Canton of Vaud, CREA, and other cantonal banks in French-speaking cantons – issues a series of key indicators describing the state of the Vaud economy, including Vaud’s GDP (quarterly) and the GDP of French-speaking Switzerland (annually). The Observatoire also provides input into publication by the Commission Conjoncture Vaudoise (the Vaud market observer) of quarterly and monthly business climate indicators.


The Observatoire’s reports provide a comprehensive overview of the main economic trends in Vaud Canton. They take a close look at specific industries such as farming, winegrowing, watch-making, real estate, healthcare, life sciences, financial services, and tourism.

Vaud GDP

GDP growth forecasts at 18 April 2023

  • +1,2% in 2023
  • +1,5% in 2024

(source: PIB Vaudois, published by la Commission Conjoncture vaudoise)