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Financial market orders

BCV has one of French-speaking Switzerland's largest trading rooms, and we are skilled in trading a wide range of financial products. We are a member of the Swiss stock exchange (SIX Swiss Exchange). With our network of carefully selected international counterparties, we can execute your market orders on the best possible terms. 

A team of 10 traders

Between 7:30am and 8pm, our trading room specialists execute your orders on equities, bonds, listed derivatives, structured products and fiduciary investments.

  • A team of around 10 specialist traders working exclusively on executing client orders
  • Access to over 60 markets in 40 countries
  • Trading carried out exclusively on behalf of clients (no proprietary trading)
  • Expertise in Swiss stocks and in Swiss and foreign bonds
  • Derivatives traded on Eurex and the main foreign markets
  • Special access to the primary bond market and execution advisory services


Our equities and derivatives team

Fabien Brügger
Bogdan Velickovic
Frédéric Mariac
Laurent Courvoisier
Alain Sala
Frédéric Baur
Armando Gonteri

Our bonds and interest rate team

Steve Cloos
Tiziana Durante
Anne-Marie Wellers



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BCV Mobile app

The “Markets” tab in our BCV Mobile app gives you 24/7 access to the latest market highlights and financial news (in French only).


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Banque Cantonale Vaudoise
Place Saint-François 14
Case Postale 300
1003 Lausanne


Banque Cantonale Vaudoise
Talacker 35
8001 Zurich

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