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Make the most of your investments

BCV's Asset Management and Occupational Pension teams have 120 specialists at your service. They work with our 65 experts in the trading room, who are grouped by specialization: foreign exchange, equities and structured products. We give you personalized assistance in setting up your own structured products or launching private-label investment funds.

Investment funds

For 40 years, BCV has been a pioneer in the creation and management of investment funds. We currently manage around 60 funds covering all main markets and asset classes. Our investment approach focuses on risk-adjusted returns.

Structured products: a stable and experienced team

We started issuing structured products in the Swiss market in 1999, with a team dealing exclusively with that activity. Today, our structured products activity is an integral part of BCV's trading room which, with 65 people, is one of the largest in French-speaking Switzerland. Each week, we offer investors the chance to subscribe new products through advertisements in the press and our newsletter. Products are listed on the stock exchange.


Institutional clients receive customized advice, along with direct access to the trading room and the specialists in our Bonds and Fixed Income team.

Clients benefit from our expertise in the Swiss market, and we respond immediately to enquiries regarding block trades in the bond market. BCV has a major presence in the capital markets and quotes prices on a daily basis to various financial, commercial and bank counterparties, on both cash and derivative products (e.g. bonds and interest-rate swaps).

Foreign exchange and fixed income

Whether you are a company or an investor, you will receive personalized advice and direct access to BCV's trading room. You will also be able to trade 24 hours a day using the BCV e-FOREX app. BCV is active in all currency pairs traded worldwide. In addition to standard forex transactions, we offer currency options and structured products tailored to your specific needs.

Take a peek inside our trading room

BCV's trading floor in Lausanne is one of the largest in French-speaking Switzerland and houses 65 traders specializing in one of three areas: forex, structured products or equities.

Cash management

BCV offers short-term investment solutions in Swiss francs and other currencies (term accounts), and investments with authorized foreign banks (fiduciary investments).

Financial markets

We have a team of some 12 specialist traders dedicated entirely to executing your orders and focusing on your best interests. They are your contacts for equity trades, but also trades involving bonds, structured products, listed derivatives and fiduciary investments. 

Investment advice from the experts

If you want the most from your investments and want to play a dynamic, hands-on role in managing your portfolio, BCV's expert investment advisors will pro-actively help you select your investments, through a partnership in which you have the final say.

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The contact information shown here is reserved for our professional clients (e.g., institutional clients, financial intermediaries, pension funds, insurance companies, and businesses).

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