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If you are looking for a solid partner specializing in discretionary asset management to look after your assets, then BCV, one of Switzerland's top-rated institutional asset managers, can help. For more than 40 years, occupational pension funds and insurance companies have been entrusting their assets to us.

The benefits of discretionary asset management

Keeping risk under control every step of the way

  • Adding value through team-based decisions and systematic, objective decision-making models
  • BCV's proven expertise in investment strategies
  • Stable returns across market cycles through the use of multiple styles
  • Six-stage implementation process

BCV's Asset Management Department complies with the ISAE 3402 Type II standard for the full range of services we provide – from client onboarding to performance reporting.

Investment process

Decisions are taken twice monthly, and tactical asset allocations are based on BCV's macroeconomic scenario. We allocate investments between asset classes on the basis of a top-down analysis. Asset management is then harmonized using model portfolios. We use the core-satellite technique to control deviations from the benchmark investment universe and limit risk, making particular use of decorrelated management styles.

Global discretionary mandate

Long-term strategy 

Global discretionary mandates are for those wanting long-term returns from a diversified range of investments across the world's financial markets, including equities and bonds (Swiss or foreign), indirect real estate, alternative investments and commodities.

With a global discretionary mandate, you have access to our expertise in devising investment strategies. Based on your desired yield and risk appetite, your personal advisor and a team of specialists will custom-design a strategic asset allocation for you. Through ongoing portfolio monitoring and regular discussions with your advisor, we ensure that your assets are managed in line with your expectations.

With a BCV discretionary mandate, you get:

  • A full quarterly report on your portfolio and scheduled meetings with your advisor
  • Performance figures based on a methodology that has been audited according to international standards
  • The support of people who are specialists in their field
  • Additional services such as training for your board members, portfolio analysis, market analysis and asset optimization

Targeted discretionary mandates: custom strategies

With targeted discretionary mandates, you choose a specific asset class and leave BCV's teams to manage assets within that class. Working with your advisor and BCV's experts, you define the investment profile, investment universe and any restrictions.

Bond discretionary mandates

At BCV, we use leading-edge techniques to manage issuer quality, yield-curve positions, currency exposure, sector allocation and bond selection. We focus particularly on risk management. We are also a major participant in the Swiss-franc secondary bond market, ensuring that you get the best prices.

Equity discretionary mandates

Our asset-management teams cover the major regions (USA, Europe, Switzerland and emerging markets), taking a semi-active approach: they stay close to the selected investment universe but can take advantage of any price distortions they discover. They also invest in more specific "satellite" products that give portfolios exposure to targeted themes such as high dividend yields and smart beta.

Indirect real-estate discretionary mandates

BCV is one of Switzerland's leading players in managing securitized or "indirect" real estate funds. For 15 years, we have offered a comprehensive range of services in this area. This represents a niche market that is becoming increasingly important for asset-allocation purposes.

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