Vaud’s local bank since 1845


We are Vaud's leading bank for retail and business customers alike. Our focused business model, consistently strong performance, and solid balance sheet make us one of the few banks in the world with a AA rating from Standard & Poor’s despite not being backed by a government guarantee.


Our rating from S&P places us among the 30 top-rated banks in the world.

CHF 3 billion

We've paid CHF 3bn in taxes and dividends to the Canton and municipalities of Vaud since 2008.

1 out of 2

Half of all Vaud households and businesses bank with BCV.

Supporting the real economy

As Vaud's local bank, the cornerstone of our mission is to fuel all sectors of the local economy. And this is a role we take pride in: our initiatives help improve the quality of life in our Canton.

One out of every two Vaud residents banks with BCV

Some 370,000 Vaud residents turn to us for their
banking needs.

A deux pas
Micro Entreprise

One out of every two businesses counts on us

Of the 400,000 jobs in the Canton, 200,000 of them are with companies that bank with BCV.


We are Vaud's leading mortgage provider

We finance one out of every three new home
construction projects in the Canton.

Pour tous

We provide essential funds to local governments

We are 66.9%-owned by Vaud Canton. In 2019, we paid the equivalent of CHF 739 per household in taxes and dividends to the Cantonal and municipal governments.


We are a key sponsor of our communities

Every year we sponsor over 650 community events and organizations across the Canton, in fields ranging from sports and the arts to economic development.



We help prepare the next generation

Every year we provide bank training to around 100 college students, apprentices, interns, and women returning to the workforce.

BCV finances 1 out of every 3 mortgages
in the Canton


1 out of every 2 SMEs
is a BCV client



10 students attend our
Silicon Valley Start-up Camp every year




We support 8,000 young
soccer players



BCV backs innovation
in Vaud



We are one of the safest banks
in the world




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