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BCV meets equal pay requirements and receives “Fair ON Pay” certification

A pay analysis conducted by an external team of experts found that BCV meets Swiss federal requirements on equal pay between men and women. BCV was also awarded the “Fair ON Pay” certification, which recognizes the Bank’s equal pay practices over the long term.
Lausanne, 29 September 2021 – In line with the Swiss Federal Gender Equality Act (GEA), BCV hired Comp-On SA, a human resources consulting firm specialized in employee compensation, to conduct a pay analysis taking all BCV staff into account. The results showed that BCV meets the equal pay requirements set out in the GEA. The analysis was audited, approved, and deemed legally compliant by the Social Partnership for Equal Pay in Banks (CeParEB).

Beyond meeting Swiss legal requirements, BCV was also awarded the “Fair ON pay” certification by Comp-On SA and SGS. This certification, which is valid for four years and includes a follow-up audit in the third year, recognizes the Bank’s equal pay practices over the long term.

Pascal Kiener, BCV’s CEO, said, “This certification is in line with BCV’s policy of promoting diversity and equal opportunity among our employees. The various measures we have employed for years have allowed us to advance women’s careers.”

This policy is part of BCV’s efforts toward social sustainability as the number one provider of jobs in the banking industry in Vaud, employing nearly one-third of the people in the Canton’s banking sector.


Note to editors:

The Swiss Federal Gender Equality Act (GEA) was amended on 1 July 2020 to include an obligation for companies to conduct an equal pay analysis.

The equal pay analysis must be conducted according to a scientific method and in accordance with Swiss law. This type of analysis allows companies to assess statistically whether a gender pay gap exists among their employees.

Comp-On SA conducted its statistical equal pay analysis using Logib, a tool provided by the Swiss government. 



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