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BCV reaches agreement on US tax issue

Lausanne, Switzerland, 23 December 2015 - BCV and the US Department of Justice (DoJ) have signed a non-prosecution agreement (NPA) with respect to BCV’s participation as a category 2 financial institution in the 2013 USA/Switzerland tax program. Under the terms of the agreement, BCV will pay a settlement of USD 41.7m, an amount that is fully covered by existing provisions. As previously announced, the settlement will not affect the Bank’s dividend policy.
The agreement marks the end of a process that began more than two years ago.


Jean-Pascal Baechler
Phone: + 41 21 212 22 51
Email: jean-pascal.baechler@bcv.ch

Gregory Duong, Investor Relations Officer
Phone: +41 21 212 20 71
Email: gregory.duong@bcv.ch

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