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The Swiss cantonal banks sell their holdings in Swisscanto to ZürcherKantonalbank

BCV is selling its 7.3% share in Swisscanto, the cantonal banks' joint investment-fund venture, to ZürcherKantonalbank (ZKB). This sale is part of a deal under which all the cantonal banks are selling their holdings in Swisscanto to ZKB.

The profit contribution on this transaction will be booked in 2015 and will amount to approximately CHF 18m. BCV is one of the custodian banks for Swisscanto funds, with roughly CHF 10bn in Swisscanto assets. BCV's role as custodian will evolveas from 2016, but this will have no material impact on the Bank's results.

This transaction will not affect BCV clients currently holding or wishing to purchase Swisscanto fund units.


Link to ZKB's press release:


Lausanne, Switzerland, 11 December 2014



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Phone + 41 21 212 28 61

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