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Investment funds

Looking for a partner to help you with your Swiss-registered investment fund? BCV has what you need.

Since 1953, our custodian bank has offered its services to managers who wish to launch investment funds based on Swiss or international securities. Thanks to BCV’s solid AA rating and our extensive network of sub-custodians and brokers, we meet the highest standards in trading, asset custody, and monitoring legal requirements.

Our team consists of around 20 highly experienced specialists in three areas: client relationship management, trading, and regulatory monitoring. Their goal is to support you in line with your best interests.

Our close ties with Gérifonds SA – a fund manager within BCV Group – and other fund management companies allow us to easily adapt to our clients’ preferences.

Our strengths

A leading provider in French-speaking Switzerland since 1953

  • Active collaboration with four fund management companies
  • Eight large asset managers handling 130 funds totaling CHF 30bn

Expertise in over 40 international financial markets

  • Execution capacity for all types of securities, currencies and derivatives
  • Dedicated fund desk service for your investors

Partnership with Gérifonds SA (wholly owned subsidiary of BCV) fund management since 1970

Advice, service and customer support

  • Personalized support throughout the fund life cycle
  • Advice and processing for specific market transactions
  • Oversight and monitoring of funds according to CISA requirements


What is the minimum investment amount for launching a fund?

  • The legal minimum is CHF 5m. However, we recommend investing at least CHF 20m.

Do you work with fund management companies other than Gérifonds SA?

  • Yes. We currently work with four different fund management companies.

What guarantees does BCV offer as a custodian bank?

  • We are a cantonal bank, which means that our majority shareholder is the Canton of Vaud.
  • Our custodian bank is regularly audited on its activities by FINMA and an external auditor.

Can BCV act as the custodian bank for funds registered in Luxembourg?

  • No. Our custodian bank only works with Swiss-registered funds.

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